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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Phase One Complete!

Holy Crap! Today is the last day of my 500 calorie diet, hooray!
Tomorrow starts Phase Two of the diet: three weeks of a strict no-carb diet.
That probably doesn't sound like a huge change, but it is.
Now I can eat fats and dairy and omg cheesecheesecheese.
Oh yeah, and I can eat more than 500 calories in a day, ha.
And although I generally do not condone the use of Splenda or any other fake sweetners, I will be making a few treats with it, because I desperately need to eat something sweet that isn't a damn apple!
Phase two resets your metabolism to prepare for eating a more normal diet again, so once those three weeks are over I can start adding in carbs slowly.

Also! I can now have a glass of wine! Yay!

So let's take a look at the stats:

Start Date: 07/02/2011
End Date: 07/27/2011

25 Days

Start Weight: 204.8lbs.(208.4)
End Weight: 186.8lbs.

()=Load Day Gains and Total Loss

And now for the comparison photos!

hcg 5

hcg 6

Woo! I am so proud of myself that I never once cheated; I ate the same exact thing every single day of the diet, though on a couple occasions I accidentally used chapstick which may have caused some stalling (you aren't supposed to use any products with oils in them). I can't wait to start my next round of hCG!

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[email protected] a sorta fairytale said...

Wow!! Congratulations!! It's so awesome to see results, right?? Awesome job!

Lil Muse Lily said...

WOW!!!! that is quite the difference in only 25 days! good for you.

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