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Monday, January 17, 2011

Yay Delaney!

Babies are so funny.  I am certain I mentioned once that Delaney had somehow forgotten how to roll from her back to her stomach, and it was driving me crazy because she's a stomach sleeper and she would roll to her back and then FLIP OUT because she couldn't roll back over.  She would do this like five times every night.  Every night!

And it's funny, because she knows how to crawl and stand and cruise and all sorts of other crap that babies do, but she just couldn't manage to roll back over anymore?!

Well, that my friends, has finally changed!  For reasons unknown, last night Delaney suddenly remembered how to roll onto her tummy and she slept pretty much the entire night.

Le sigh.

That was great.  Truly, it was.  I am such a happy momma right now.
Now to move the fan back into my bedroom because I'm becoming to big and hormone-laden to not overheat all night long and wake up like I took a bath in bed.  Ew.

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