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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Does this girdle make my stomach look fat?

I've been having a lot of issues lately with pain and pressure and swelling and a general inability to move around like a normal person.  I didn't really contribute it to being pregnant for a third time so soon, with distraught muscles from a second c-section.  I didn't really contribute it to anything, in fact.

Grandma started to tell me about some miracle product she referred to as a pregnancy girdle.  I thought, what? girdle?  All I could think of was something constraining my body and making me hotter and more uncomfortable than I already am.  I mean, that IS what a girdle is, yeah?

Take a look at this crazy contraption:
1950's maternity support

OK, OK, take three looks at it, because I know you are distracted by the fact she is holding both liquor and a cigarette.  This is from the 1950s, a vastly different era.  But does that crazy thing look even remotely comfortable?  I would literally melt in something so bulky, and I never wear nylons so hell no to attaching the bottom to anything.

I was really uncertain about even considering looking at a pregnancy girdle until Grandma called me one evening and said she picked up one for me to try.  Inside I was throwing a little fit, but I figured What the hell, I might as well see what all the hubbub was about.

I was very surprised when I found this:
maternity support from Motherhood Maternity

Now that is faaaaaaar different from the one above.  It looks more like a back support belt, and it's really easy to strap on.  It did take me awhile to get it to fit the way I think it's supposed to fit, but I'm honestly quite pleased with it.  I feel like I sit up straighter and my back hurts far less than it did before.  My swelling has also gone down and I don't feel like my uterus is about to fall out my crotch.  At first, though, I wasn't too sure I was getting any results because I had been doing OK, but once I went without it for an entire day I became a believer.

So yeah, if you plan on being a marathon baby-producer, this is a must-have product.  No longer need we fear the word girdle in reference to pregnancy, because it's a good thing!

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Kelly said...

Whatever works mama!!! I know that pain far too well. Hope you are hanging in there. That baby will be here soon enough.

Karly said...

Oh gosh, I am sure you know the pains with your three! Thank you for the support, and I can't wait to see this kid (and tomorrow I find out the gender!).

cynthia said...

II wish I had known about the pregnancy girdle when I was pregnant with my 2nd boy ... the modern version not the 1950s tummy straight-jacket. I was so uncomfortable. Glad you're finding relief.

And, wow! That ad is so wrong on many levels ... I did have to take a few looks to get beyond the cigarette, the alcohol, the orange bullet bra and the freaky way she's laughing to finally notice the girdle. That's one wicked looking contraption just to keep your panty hose up and to keep your belly button from showing through your clothes.

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