Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Wanna be my BFF?

Wanna know me?  Wanna be my BFF?  Then come join the party, link up, and learn all the essentials of that which we call Karly.

Once upon a time I repeated preschool, because I was deemed "unsociable".  That was greatly over-corrected. Those who are true close friends feel comfortable enough to over-share in the same way I do.  Which is, talking about such things as our bowel movements.

I am very allergic to cats and dogs.  Very.  But I love cats to death, and have had them my entire life, so I've learned to suffer.

I have a dog, too, but I essentially greatly dislike her.  No dog compares to Peanut, and I miss Peanut.

I used to be an alcoholic, never clinically diagnosed, but considering I would start my day with 5 shots of Southern Comfort and spend the rest of the day consuming a good 'nother 15-30 shots of various kinds.  Every day... yeah, I would say I was an alcoholic.  But after nearly killing myself from alcoholic poisoning on my birthday a few years ago, and overdosing on ibuprofen (which I didn't know was possible), my liver has instilled very strict limits on my consumption, and I thank my liver for that.

On that note, I am one incredible bartender, and can create pretty much anything from nothing.  I could even make a mixture of Bacardi 151 and Wild Turkey 101 taste like juicy goodness.  Saying that makes me want to vomit.

I am notorious for starting projects.  Something catches my interest and I totally have to try it.  I am also notorious for NOT finishing said projects.  I have so much crap sitting around waiting for me, calling my name, and I just can never find the motivation to finish.  It's sad.

Every single day I miss the Air Force.  I miss everything about it, and I wish I had tried harder to stay.  It is the only thing I regret.

I have four tattoos and had nine piercings.

I hate short-type.  I will never use u, r, ur, 4evr, bff, gf, bf, and whatever the hell else is out there.  I have only two exceptions: lol and rofl.  Even in text messages, I use proper English and grammar, as best I can.  short-type makes me want to slap a ho.

The key to my heart is not being fake, and giving me chocolate.  I'm a pushover for sugar.

Anything more than that you should just go ahead and ask.  I like questions, and am never open book without them.

Link it up, yo.

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Ashley Sisk said...

That was really great - I loved learning more about you. My favorite was the part about using proper English in text. I do that too!

Kayla Sue said...

I hate short-text too. ANNOYING!

This was cute! Maybe I'll do one.:)

Chism Classics said...

I hate short text! It is awesome that you are no longer an alcoholic, sorry that you had to learn the hard way, but sometimes that is the only way.

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