Sunday, December 19, 2010

Show and Tell

I have been loving all the bokeh photos on so many of the blogs I read, that I decided I need to see if I could get it done too.  It definitely is a hard task when you don't have any true manual settings on your camera!  But I did get one pretty neat photo out of my trials, and here it is:


I love my little snow globe.  It's obviously a K for Karly, ya know, cause I'm awesome.  Ha ha ha, no, I'm kidding, though it is still for my name.  I have a little snow globe for each of us, Me, Rudy, Afton and Delaney, and they each sit on a heavy silver stocking holder.  So they serve two purposes: to decorate and to differentiate!  Oh yes, I am a marvelous multi-tasker.

Check out more Show and Tell bokeh over at Paper Heart Camera!

Happy Holidays!
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Ashley Sisk said...

This looks really awesome. I love that you used your initial.

Natalie said...

Oh wow! Love is a nice shot and great choice for this challenge!

jillconyers said...

I love the initial! Great bokeh shot.

Stepping On Cheerios said...


Natalie said...

Hi!! I know I've already posted a comment on this but wanted to come back and let you know what my "bokeh Santa" was standing on...:-> It's my son's little Disney character table he got for his birthday. It's a toy story table that has a ... hmm vinyl-y/plastic on the main part of it so it's reflective to a point and caused the bokeh to reflect onto it when I took the shot! You could achieve it with any table with a 'shiney' or reflective surface. I have another table with a marble top (white) that does the same effect..!

Nicolasa said...

Wow! Great photo! I love the snow globe. I want one of those!

Kayla Sue said...

Ok, this bokeh is awesome! I love the double effect, and the snow globe is so pretty. I'm a new reader, this was my first challenge:) Nice to "meet" you!

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