Monday, December 6, 2010

Make it Stop!

Look at that.  Just look at Delaney scream.  All of sudden that is ALL she does.  Screamscreamscream!  I mean, holy crap, does this kid scream.  I am guessing she has reached that crazy attachment stage where she must be constantly in my arms or the world is going to end.

I honestly have no idea, because Afton was NEVER like that.  I have no clue what to do about it, or where to even begin!  I can put her in her room to play around by herself and she'll just scream and scream, and not stop.  Even after like...40 minutes she still screams.  One would think by now that she'd have no more voice, but I swear she has a god in her voicebox that just wills the sound outward.

I am pretty much at my wits end with it, and it only just began about four days ago.  How the hell am I supposed to accomplish anything and keep my sanity with ear-piercing, soul-crushing screams going on?  Anyone have any advice for curing this monster of the screaming disease?  I would be willing to pay you in many upon many sweet delicacies!

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[email protected] said...

I can suggest a couple of things that may help you out.

1. Don't shower for a few weeks. The smell might trigger detachment.
2. Scream back when she screams. Have a screaming contest! I do that all the time, my little one gets so stunned, she stops. Win!!

Or you could carry her around the whole day. Your call. No need to thank me, always glad to help!

Karly said...

Ha! Screaming back is something I've done to Afton, and it confused the hell outta her. Delaney just screams louder, the punk. Maybe I'll slather myself in some Sex Panther perfume, that way I can have an entire day free from EVERYONE for once. Vacation, score!

Amy A Miller said...

Lily has bad days like that, some worse than others. My mom gave me this book by Magda Gerber (hopefully I'm getting her name right) anyway, her solution is to give the baby your absolute full, undivided attention-- but only for a period of time. I realize with two (and counting) that this theory is a lot tougher to try, but maybe you can manipulate it to work for you. She believes that by truly engaging your child, even for a short time, we give them the confidence to entertain themselves. It works great for us. When Lily starts acting like that, i just take it as a sign that she needs some one-on-one time. We'll sit in her room and play, read a book, dance around the living room or bang wooden spoons on pots and pans. Usually after we've played together for a little while i can leave her in her room or the living room or something and she does her own thing for a long while after that. Obviously, I can't always drop everything and of course there are still days when she follows me around screaming until I pick her up... Fortunately now they're fewer and further between.

Amy A Miller said...

Love the picture, by the way!M

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