Thursday, December 30, 2010

Home Sweet Home.

I have my hubby back, he's alive, and seem to be recuperating far faster than me.  The bastard.  I cannot, for the life of me, shake this illness that has taken control of my SOUL.  If I could stop coughing out a lung, it would be a vast improvement, and maybe then my asthma would come under check again.  Waking up twenty times a night to use my inhaler gets a little old.

While Rudy was in the hospital, all the family went out to see him, which he didn't like, because it made him sad that he "ruined" Christmas (which he DIDN'T), and that he couldn't see his babies.  He cried, which it made it damn hard for my overly-hormonal self to NOT cry.

But here are a couple of cute pictures of Rudy with the girls at the hospital.  He doesn't know I'm posting them, because he is such a punk about photos with him in them.  He always thinks he looks like crap.

Delaney smiles big for Daddy because she misses him so so much!

Both girls look super cute here, but Rudy is getting worn out.  These were taken on the 26th, when we finally decided to have our Christmas Eve.

More to come later, we're still trying to get back to usual routines, plus Rudy is a New Year's baby, so we've got to do SOMETHING for the poor boy (he wants sushi).

Thank you, everyone, for all the good thoughts and prayers, they really helped!

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