Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday Funday

I LOVE Sundays during autumn.  Why?  It's really quite simple: Football!  Oh how much do I loooooove football.  My beef with football this year is not football itself, but the fact that I live in Arizona.  Being down here makes it so hard to view the games Rudy and I want, because the Cardinals always happen to be playing at the same time, and Lord knows we aren't going to pay ten trillion dollars for NFL Ticket.  Today is the Vikings bye week, but there is an epic game happening for Rudy today, at the same time as the Cardinals game.

The Redskins vs. The Eagles!  Honestly, I abhor both teams.  A friend and I have made fun of each other relentlessly for years because we hate each others' team, and I hate the Eagles, well, I guess simply because they are my husband's favorite team, ha!  Most of all, I hatehatehate McNabb.  I find him to be completely useless, and whiny.  And now he is on the Redskins.  So I have two teams that I would never cheer for playing against each other.  Who do I cheer for?

I think I will have to play Devil's Advocate and play both sides of the coin.  I am fairly certain we will be going to Buffalo Wild Wings for this match up, since we know they broadcast every single game in existence.  Appetizers?  Yes, please!  Margarita?  Boo, pregnant!  I guess I'll just have a sugar packet or two.


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