Monday, October 18, 2010

Show and Tell Photo Challenge

I am loving all these photo challenges.  They really get me up and moving and working on improving my photography skills.  This week's Show and Tell challenge at Paper Heart Camera is From Your Heart.

I wanted to make this really special and unique, so here is my photo:


Of course, my kids are in my heart.  They literally come from within, from love.  The change in my body is the love I give to them, and though I may no longer look so smooth and slim, my kids are that perfection.  Two on the outside and one on the inside, they are my heart, my life.

Amazingly enough, I am not terribly scared to post such an overwhelmingly naked photo of myself.  For this moment, I accept my body for what it is, because I'm a Mom!

Now, go see what's in the heart of everyone else!

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Audrey @ said...

good for you! dont think I could post a pic like this but i am glad you did. your brave ;)

satakieli said...

I love love love this!

You know, I think I've become so much more accepting and even proud of my body since I had my little one. As moms, we grew and nourished people in our bodies and that's certainly something wonderful.

Meg said...

Way to go! I don't know if I could ever do this. Good for you! :)

Karly said...

Thank you ladies, your comments definitely help keep me from being self-conscious!

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