Saturday, October 16, 2010

Shop Love

I am a window shopper.  A huge window shopper.  I love to look at anything and everything, and then fantasize about having all those things in my life, somehow.  I want to share a couple of my finds today, because window shopping with a buddy or two is so much more fun!

Etsy is such an amazing shopping revolution, I think.  Pretty much everyone knows of its existence, but not everyone has taken the time to explore and digest its wonder.  So many one-of-a-kind items, so thoughtfully picked out, created, and displayed.  It's great.  Makes me drool with desire.

From Hungry Heart Recyclers:

Vintage Nantucket Purse

This purse is soooooo cute, almost like a mini picnic basket.  I can see myself walking through a field with it, my camera tucked neatly inside with all my other little goodies.  And because of the grapes, I think about a lovely trip to Napa, with a bottle of wine poking out the top.  Yum yum goodness.

Black Velvet Evening Dress

And because everyone needs a little black dress, this one is just gorgeous!  Vintage, velvet and totally sheik.  If I wasn't a giant pregnant woman, I would be all over this dress, because this is a standout dress.  Perfect for all those upcoming holiday parties (Oh no!  It's that time of the year again!)!

My next stop is over to JooJoo Land, which is full of fun little delights!
First off, who doesn't love a tiny kitty or twenty?

Black and White Kitty
Seriously, is there anything cuter in the entire world?  No!  I love cute, tiny things.  I want to decorate the girls' room with these, everywhere.  They fit in the palm of your hand, that's how adorably little they are.  And the detail in such a small item is great.

But joojooland isn't only tiny, cute kitties.

Coral Reef Necklace

What a cool, unique necklace.  I want it.  I want to wear it all the time, everywhere.  It would look awesome around my neck, and yours too.  You should get it.  All of it.

Remember folks, the holidays are quickly approaching, so start browsing shops and placing orders before all the good stuff goes!  So show your locally-owned retailers some love and go crafty!

If you own a shop and would like to become a sponsor, and featured on my blog, or would like to offer a special discount or giveaway, please feel free to contact me!
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Captivus said...

Ooo, Love the dress and LOVE your arm! Nice shot!

Karly said...

Ha ha ha, that's not my arm, though I wish I was that tiny! She's a model for Hungry Heart Recyclers, totally gorgeous lady.

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