Friday, October 8, 2010

Potty Training

A few months ago, Rudy and I started down the potty-training path with Afton. When we moved, we pretty much shoved that to the side for the convenience of diapers, as we were too busy to sit around in the bathroom for what would amount to probably a couples hours of the day just waiting for some pee and poo.

Well, I have started once more on that journey, with the conviction of NOT having three children in diapers at the same time. Lordy, a girl can only handle so much poop!

So what I am looking for is some tips on potty training, because Afton flat out refuses to go #2 in her potty. She literally craps in her diaper within two minutes of me getting her off the toilet. Every.time. I've been doing the M&Ms thing, but it doesn't seem to matter much to her, she's not 100% sweets driven, like me. I'll do anything for candy and chocolate. Yum yum. I have considered buying some cutsie undies and just slapping them on her and just going down the accident gauntlet, but I'm definitely unsure of how well that would work.

Ideas? Pretty please?

And because every post deserves a picture, here is Delaney in the bouncer that she finally enjoys, and doesn't cry within 30 seconds of being placed in it.  I love my bean.

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