Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Must not kill the kids.

Some days I feel like chucking my kids out the window.  Be free! I say to myself.
You know, it isn't bad when one kid is acting up, but both of them?  I only have so much patience, and though it has grown tremendously since Afton was born, there are times when it just shatters into a trillion little pieces.

Kind of like the budget deficit, har har har.

Anyway, it started with my nap, or what was supposed to be my nap.  All of sudden both girls woke up crying.  Totally random, that never happens.  Rudy brought Afton to me and she started to fall back asleep, but Delaney kept on crying.  Lord did I try to wait it out to see if Delaney would fall back asleep, but then Afton decided it was officially time to wake up, so up we all got.  Le sigh.

Then Delaney decided it was time to scream a bunch, again.  I discover she has blown out her diaper from the back in a super nasty way.  I clean her up and slap on a new diaper, then she starts screaming.  Again.  Turns out some poo got on the couch, and again on her.  $%@*!

Following the poo scandal, Afton decides she no longer needs to listen to me.  Repeatedly.  So she spent a lot of time crying in her room.  We take off to the store and both kids decide they are just going to give me hell.  Afton screams if I take something away from her, and Delaney cries simply because she can.

I hate when people stare at me at the store, like I'm a bad Mom or something.  I always want to tell them to shove it where the sun don't shine.  And then some.

See what I'm talking about.  Satan's Spawn today. 

Oh yeah, I also forgot to mention that after the poo incident, Delaney decided to basically projectile vomit everywhere.  And I mean everywhere.

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stumbull said...

Oh no! Sounds like someone might be coming down with a little bug or something. Hopefully things are going better today. That is the exact reason I am so scared to have more than one baby!!!!!

Karly said...

Ha ha ha, nah she was just being a pill. Sometimes she just enjoys reminding me that she isn't this perfectly cute well-behaved baby that I always dream about. Oh well, I love the spunky personality she is developing anyway!

Natalie said...

Thank you for stopping by my blig and leaving that kind comment :) it made me smile. And I am your "newest" follower ...and reading this post made me laugh because now I know that I am not alone in having days like that, although I only have one boy who is nearly two. Some days he is great and some I could just rip my hair out and sit down and cry...and those peoplenin stores you are talkin about..or in public in general, think of it this way...if they are givin you the stink eye because your kids are acting CRAZY then obviously they,ve never had kids because there is NO SUCH thing as a perfectly well-behaved kid...just like there is no perfectly behaved adult :-D but keep doin your thing..things will look up!

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