Sunday, October 24, 2010

I like sugar.

You know what's sad?  I'll tell you: it's baking your most prized dessert only to not be able to have a single piece of it.


That's what happens when your husband tells his coworkers that you make the world's best red velvet cake.  Oh, and he tells you he wants you to make it when he gets home at 11pm, but forgets to mention that he wants it by noon the next day.  Sometimes I just want to kick him.

But I guess he felt bad, because he went to the store and brought me macadamia nut cookies.  Yum!  So for now I suppose he is redeemed, but only so long as he comes home from work tonight telling me how everyone fell head-over-heels for my cake.  I refuse to accept anything less, and if he's smart he knows this and will lie if need be!

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