Friday, October 15, 2010

Flashback Friday: Afton at 6mo.

I have a feeling that because I ended up pregnant so quickly after having Delaney that my body never really got the chance to reset. Because of this, I am experiencing symptoms I only felt during the last trimester with both Afton and Delaney. Water gives me nasty indigestion, especially at night, and my legs just plain hurt.  My feet better not get any bigger this time, though, because I'd really like to avoid investing in clown shoes.

Since I found the USB cord to my external harddrive, I've been able to view all my old photos that were trapped on there.  I love looking through the memories, they make me smile, and it gave me the inspiration for a Flashback Friday moment.

This is by far one of my most favoritest photos ever, and I wasn't even the one who took it, my husband did.

Afton at six months, June 2009, in her tiny pool on Mom's deck in Minnesota.  It isn't hard to see why I lovelovelove this photo.  Afton makes such a great little model.  This is when she first realized she actually likes playing in the water, and it was in this pool that we were able to get her over the fear of being on her back in the water.  Good times.

Since I've been learning more about photo-editing, I thought I would show you the difference between this and the original.

I used an unsharp mask, adjusted the curves, added a warming photo filter, followed by one more unsharp mask.  I think it added more depth and warmth to the photo, and helped to make Afton's big ol' eyes pop.

Aaaaaaaaand, for a last measure, here is a comparison of Afton at six months and Delaney at five months.  So different yet so the same.

Same nose, same mouth, same chin, big big eyes, but totally different personalities.  Afton is the biggest girly-girl in the world (which is hard for me, because I am so not a girly girl), and Delaney is totally hardcore.  OK, maybe not hardcore, but she's badass, nonetheless.

Thus ends my Flashback Friday!

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